Women In The Woods

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I am blessed to live a few minutes away from a 326-acre state park with foot paths, a quiet Grotto and 3,000 feet of shoreline on Lake Washington. I have loved my 1-1 connection dates so much that I decided to create a walking group called Women in the Woods on Wednesdays and we meet there. Nature is a sanctuary for me and as a Highly Sensitive Person, I never really feel comfortable in a commercial gym setting. It’s lovely to witness the intimate conversations of women who pair up. The fresh air and moving meditation is so restorative for my soul and I’m grateful that idea resonates with others!

I meet with the women I have chosen to connect with by going for a walk together. Essentially, the movement of walking stimulates a perfect human pace and helps us focus on each other. The fresh air draws out hopes and provides a path to find our own footing. Trusting that the ground would meet our feet and under our own power, we can become fully present to ourselves and each other.

What I’ve learned so far:

  • Deep human connection cannot move faster than the rate at which trust can grow
  • When we walk we find the space to ask questions and explore the answers
  • On these walk & talks – time slows down, we reconnect with our true desires and our creativity 
  • Ultimately, women function best when they interact with their communities, when they know they matter and when they are invited to express themselves by making their own pathways
  • You can shift your mood and direct your energy by simply going for a walk
  • In our dark moments, even small steps make life better