Things Looked Fine On The Outside. On The Inside I Was Dying.

Janet 52 years old. Divorcing. Mom. Entrepreneur

Janet was looking for help getting her life organized, caught in a battle with her WUSBAND and financially, physically & emotionally drained. She was looking for ways to build a heart-to-heart connection with her daughter and struggling to stay calm and centered so she could move through her divorce with grace and self compassion.

We focused on this question:

What would making myself a priority look like during this transition?

Anyone who’s been through a divorce or other major life change knows that stress, uncertainty, and feeling out of control are unavoidable. But you CAN find ways to quiet the chatter in your head, take care of yourself, and take steps toward creating the kind of life you want to live – no matter what circumstances you’re in. Right now, you’re making weighty decisions that will impact the lives of the people who mean the most to you– perhaps you’re losing sleep, drinking too much and numbing out. I’m here to help you to get back to your brightest self, to be clear-minded and confident. It’s my job to make sure that you are not just practicing self-care so you can boost your decision fitness, but that you are supported while you find your way through the chaos, stress and overwhelm.

Steps along the way include:

  • clarifying your core needs, goals and values
  • searching creatively for non-obvious solutions
  • evaluating your options
  • dealing with uncertainties
  • implementing plans to achieve goals

Throughout this process, I use decision tools that were developed upon a scientific background and designed to enhance both our creativity and our rationality.

Step by step I’ll walk you through creating and establishing a rock-solid self-care practice in your life that allows you to decide from a place of calm, clarity, vitality and connection.