The Coaching Program Goals:


  • Become a keen observer of how you think, the stories and narratives that run through your head, your mood and emotion, and the sensations that are happening in your body.
  • Learn the art of identifying what you truly want & communicate your wishes with ease and confidence
  • Discover & remove blocks with grace & self-compassion – find paths around, over & through them
  • Ongoing support & specific resources to practice tuning into your own needs so you can thrive in your love-life, lifestyle & livelihood
  • Organic Bodycare to help you slow down & integrate your experiences as wise women have always done!

Not sure where to begin? Book a strategy call and let’s chat about your individual needs

Is your energetic reactivity to the demands of career, community life and family taking a heavy toll on you?

Some Reasons You May Be Seeking Support:

  • exhausted by the mental load of a full life, parenting and work
  • dissatisfied at work despite career success
  • numb, disconnected from self
  • feeling unsupported and frustrated
  • disinterested in intimacy but hungry for connection

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