Numbing Out on Facebook Or Pushing Yourself Relentlessly?

Maria. Age 34. Professional

Maria was not as efficient and productive as she wanted to be, and struggled regularly with procrastination and lack of motivation. She found it difficult to manage her time optimally, to follow through with her plans and to stay focused. As a result, she felt guilty and found it hard to relax and fully disengage from work during evenings & weekends. Caught in a hustle & collapse cycle – she knew this pattern was detrimental to her well-being in the long run, leading to a downward spiral of stress, disappointment and underachievement. Maria completed The 3 month Selfcare Coaching Program. She is crystal clear on how she is uniquely wired from the inside out and is committed to giving herself what she needs to stay well & do great work.

There is never a better time than right now to re-calibrate and do what you need to begin to feel your best again.

If you want more peace, more patience, more energy, more focus, more zest for life– this is the program for you.

You can live with a full tank ~ I’ll show you how!

Depending on your situation and your obstacles, we will work on issues such as:

  • finding motivators, creating visions
  • setting and meeting your own deadlines
  • finding your personal procrastination triggers and tackling them
  • eliminating distractions
  • increasing focus and concentration
  • gaining conscious control over habits and changing them
  • becoming a compassionate self manager
  • finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles

Do you wish your day had more hours?
Do you feel guilty when you take a break?
Does your overflowing inbox fill you with dread?
Do you keep putting out fires instead of focusing on meaningful work?

If any of this sounds familiar, productivity coaching could make a big difference for you.

Being productive and managing time in a balanced and healthy way is hard, but it is a skill that can be learned and improved. I will partner with you to Work With Yourself Not Against Yourself! 

Step by step I’ll walk you through creating and establishing a rock-solid self-care practice in your life that allows you to live life from a place of calm, clarity, vitality and connection.