Client Success Stories

Jenny – Age 40 – Mom of Two

Jenny and I partnered to address her biggest challenges. She felt exhausted, disconnected from her husband and struggled with guilt about her dissatisfaction with motherhood. As her coach, I helped her get clarity about what was important to her & change some of her habits. Jenny was able to make and sustain the changes she was hoping for.

We focused on these questions:

What if you could feel better about yourself as a mom? …Be less snappy and irritable?

What if your days could go smoother, more productive?

What if you could impact your marriage? What if you felt more desirable, more ready to be intimate, more sensual, more open for connection, shared more laughter?

What if you experienced more moments of warmth and connection with your kids?
What if you felt  more confident and comfortable in your own skin?
What if you could wake up each day lighter, happier, more energized?

How would that change the way you live, work and parent?

There’s robust research that backs the idea that consistent, smart and small shifts translates into bigger, longer-lasting positive change over the long run & that’s exactly what I work on with my clients.

Step by step I’ll walk you through creating and establishing a rock-solid self-care practice in your life that allows you to live, love and mother from a place of calm, clarity, vitality and connection.