Spring Menu 2020


Rumi Rose Spring Relaxation & Body Treatment

There is no substitute for the natural essence of rose. The oil has a well known effect on the heart and the subtle bodies. Rose oil can alleviate stress, depression and ignite self love. Hand-blended French Rose Clay, Sandalwood and Gossamer Glow Full Body Experience. Features Kazimi House Of Matriarch High Perfumery. Includes steam towel body scrub.

Keep Your Clothes On!

Nice & Slow. Calming and restorative movements. Romance your spirit with the gentle yoga sensory experience. Go as Deep as you wish. Ends with aromatics of lush jasmine, cocoa beans bathed in warm rain & secret spice to complete the experience. Features L’Arrivee 100% natural white florals. The treatment is done fully clothed. Please wear something comfy.

SPRING RITUAL & Botanical Foot Soak

NEW! Energize your soul with Spring Ritual, designed to stimulate chi, boost emotional well-being and inspire a gentle detox for mind and body. This 90-minute hot stone massage opens up the lower and upper chakras to restore balance with expert flow and features an organic handcrafted body cream.