New Mothers Benefit from Bodymind Coaching & Massage


Pregnancy – The nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time for both mother and child. Pregnancy massage focuses on preparing the body for childbirth and recovery. Specifically designed for relaxation, physical relief and nurturing. Focusing on areas of stress – neck & shoulders, low back, hips, tired legs and swollen feet. Relieves headaches and muscle tension, improves sleep and reduces water retention and stretch marks. A wonderful way to support your body before, during and after pregnancy. During the recovery phase after delivery, the focus is on improving muscle tone, abdominal care, regulating hormone levels and relaxation so new mothers can get “back to normal”

Postpartum Massage- After childbirth, massage therapy can a powerful tool to support the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Touch is a simple, direct way to soothe nerves and restore balance to the body. Nurture the mom who nurtures the child. We will create a plan to support you during this important life transition.

Did you know you can use your HSA/FSA Funds?

I take HSA/FSA payments and can provide a super bill for out of net work medical massage. My studio is located near Evergreen Maternity Center & Puget Sound Midwives.