I will support you in having the best possible postpartum experience. I am primarily focused on you, the person who has just given birth. Ideally, we will create your postpartum plan 1-2 months before you deliver so you can get the rest, support, and care you need after your baby is born. It is specific to you, your family and your set of circumstances.

My Newborn Mom Coaching Services are designed to ensure that you feel fully supported, appreciated and held in a loving way while journeying through motherhood.

Learn to nurture yourself, your body, your needs and your baby more deeply in this postpartum time.

De-stress and re-invigorate with practical tips and professional guidance. Allow me to hold space for you to process difficult emotions that may come up around the birth of your child, your transition into motherhood and beyond. Learn postpartum practical habits that will help you and your baby thrive.

I will……

  • help you set up routines that work for you and your family so that you can thrive, rather than just survive
  • introduce you to ancient wisdom Traditional Mother Care
  • help you identify any underlying fears and worries that may be holding you back from thriving 
  • help you to access one of your superpowers as a mama: your intuition
  • help you heal any body issues that may be present in your postpartum body
  • listen deeply and hold space for you to express uncomfortable feelings