Postpartum Mom Plan

  • Have a support plan in place so you can focus on recovering and healing. Allow me to hold space for you to process difficult emotions that may come up around the birth of your child, your transition into motherhood and beyond. Learn practical tips inspired by ancient wisdom that will help you and your baby thrive. 40 Days Of Support. Ask about Mobile Massage Option.

The Change You Seek

  • 3 Months of Heart Centered Coaching – integrating your deepest desires paired intuitively with smart coaching tools. Make better choices & take powerful action in personal or professional situations. Practice managing your energy and learn how to effectively communicate your needs.

Unlocking YOUR Stress Cycle

  • A month long deep dive in to The 4 C’s of Vitality. Clarity, Connection, Calendaring & Contrast is a new take on the inner and outer habits of self care. Renew your sense of aliveness, joy and connection - THE MINDSET AND TOOLS 4 LIFE.

Nurturing Yourself, Nurturing Your Child

  • Bring your challenges and concerns. Receive the support & personalized resources you need to nurture your child & care for yourself so you can feel more calm, connected and content. Especially, helpful for parents navigating family transitions, grief, or a new diagnosis. Includes Session & Follow Up Check In.
N.M.Bellevue, WA

As a first time mum, I highly recommend Kristen. Treat yourself to her excellent prenatal and postnatal massages and coaching. We all need to look after ourselves to give our children our best. This is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Kristen is professional, easy going and caring. Book now, you won’t regret it.

AnnaInjury Recovery

I have had many massages in my day and Kristen has a gift. She is able to dig deep when needed and intuitively has her own dance with my body on the table. I feel safe, comforted and cared for - all within a professional space. Her skill set is impressive and I would highly recommend Kristen. Her Self-Care philosophy and women's health specialty should be noted too, as well as her understanding of Thai Massage.

P. A.

Kristen is an AMAZING therapist and she’s very knowledge. She followed me during my pregnancy and after the delivery and if it wasn’t for my move I would still be her patient. She is always very attentive to your needs and she is a very caring person and I highly recommend her.

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